Optical Design

With our expertise in passive and active remote sensor development, DRA can design and simulate custom Electro-Optical solutions to specialized sensing challenges. DRA can provide a cost-effective solution that can often employ optimally selected COTS lenses and cameras supported by customized algorithms and electronics. Specific solutions sometimes require a fully custom optics design, and DRA has this expertise as well.

We utilize Zemax OpticStudio for optical analysis and design including tolerancing for manufacturability, stray light analysis and image simulation. This culminates in a build to print spec sheet for our optical fabrication vendors, who verify performance and manufacturability. DRA has you covered with completed designs to demonstrate great control over optical aberrations and imaging performance over a wide set of wavelength, field of view and package limited scenarios.

Most optical sensor development goes through testing in DRA’s Optics Lab, which supports testing via free space optics, diffractive elements, filters, fiber-optics, lasers, a monochromator, an integration sphere, various photodetectors, cameras, sources and a variety of test targets for evaluating image quality and performance. DRA follows the EMVA1288 international standard for evaluating our sensors.

Proficiencies in:

  • Zemax OpticStudio
  • Wide FOV lens design
  • LiDAR Transceiver Design
  • FRED stray light analysis
  • Radiometry and link budgets
  • Wave Optics Simulations